Is your critical data buried in PDFs?

Extract structured data from any document with best-in-class AI. Abstract’s source of truth platform helps effective teams minimize risk and optimize workflows.
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Our AI helps you find and extract exactly the data you’re looking for, faster than you thought possible. Data links back to the source language so you can verify its accuracy with one click.
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Create perfectly-calibrated custom views. Save them for later. Share them with your team. Gain new insights into your portfolio.
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Track dates on your calendar. Export to Excel or PDF. Use our open API to pipe data where it needs to go. It’s your data and we’ll never hold it captive.
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Powerful Tools to Empower Your Team



Create custom, fine-grained roles that allow everyone to see and do exactly what they need to and no more. With no additional per-user costs, you can finally get your entire team – even outside partners – on the same page.


Extracting and organizing data is slow. Or at least, it used to be. With Abstract, extraction is 10x faster than traditional methods.


With Abstract as your single source of truth, you never have to trust that you’re seeing the most up-to-date version. The source language is always just a click away.


Capture your data your way. Our template editor gives you the power to specify the data points you want to capture. Leases, loan documents, income statements, any document – the only limit is your imagination.
Brian Siebert
Abstract has been a game changer for us. I can quickly retrieve information on our portfolio of loans which used to be a slow, manual process. Abstract ensures the accuracy of our data and assists in the efficiency of searching documents.
Katie Porter
Abstract ensures a higher level of data integrity. As real estate professionals, we require concise and accurate data to make decisions and Abstract provides that to its clients in a way I have not seen in competing products.